¿What’s your Emergency?

A single dose that regenerates all the internal and external structures of the hair as a result of its transdermal technology.

911 is a deep biorevitalization for a strong, healthy and radiant hair.

It is a capillary vitality treatment that provides the hair with 63 nutritive elements (Nanosomes, vitamins, co-enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, nucleic acids). Nourishes and regenerates the hair, improves the quality of it providing resistance and bright, this is 911 Rescue.

¿When it’s recommended to use 911 RESCUE?

– In ultra thin hair.

– In broken hair by chemical processes.

– Uncontrolled frizz.

– Lack of movement.

– Lack of bright.

– Broken ends.

If your hair shows any of these aspects use 911 as a therapy and solution for instant recovery.



1. Guarantees a cellular replacement.

2. Stops hair breakdown.

3. Eliminates frizz immediately.

4. Remove the open hair ends.

5. Stops hair loss.

6. Activates and accelerates hair growth.

7. Provides bright and strength.

8. Post Chemical sealant.

9. Complete nutrition potion.

10. No more hair without movement.