– Reduce the expression of inflammatory biomarkers.

– Reduce the redness.

– Relieves the dermatitis.

– Provides anti-aging benefits.

– Protects the color.

– Provides extreme brightness.

– Provides hair resistance.

– Heals the dyed hair.

– Avoid hair loss.

– Heal skin diseases.


📌 TIP: 

After bathing with Aqua Shampoo, mix in a cup 3 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of salt and your H7 Sublime. When you have a homogeneous mixture, apply it over the entire skin and then massage gently. Leave it for 3 minutes, breathe deeply, enjoy the sensation and recover the vitality and nutrition of your skin.

Aqua Shampoo is ideal for all areas of skin and body that require balance and special care.

Aqua Shampoo is a treatment that gently cleans your skin and hair, It works on your scalp, balancing your sensitivity, dermatitis, dandruff, excessive greasiness and hair loss. it nourishes the hair shaft, extends the straightening effects and repairs your hair.

Aqua Shampoo is ideal for any type of skin and hair since its balanced pH adapts to all needs of the skin; eliminating dead cells, purifying and regenerating cell tissue.
Can be used to purify and treat the skin, comforting and protecting both skin and hair.




☑ Can clean your face and private parts thanks to its dermocosmetic concept and balanced pH. Relax your mind and body, activate your senses.


☑ Do you feel tired?

Bathe from the head to the feet with this oil that nourishes your skin and hair due to its transdermal deposit that also provides rest to your body with its floral, herbal and fresh aroma that soothes, relaxes the body, quiets fatigue and anxiety.


☑ Wash your face with Aqua Shampoo to regenerate the skin and prevent premature aging.


☑ If you have a dyed hair, the antioxidant assets of Aqua Shampoo prevent the weathering of your color.


☑ Try washing your face with Aqua Shampoo and you will feel a unique cell renovation in addition, it has never been so easy to clean your face, since, with a single drop of Aqua Shampoo and a light massage, your skin will be completely purified and hydrated.


☑ Can be used on any type of hair, on children and on patients with clinical diagnoses.