Its technology allows you to put it on your skin and hair as many times as you want without leaving a cosmetic trace or greasy layers.


– Ideal for every moment of beauty.

–¬†Protection and nutrition that you can take everywhere you want.

– Unisex. What are you waiting for?

– Ideal to repair skin that requires hydration and intensive recovery.

– It can be applied on wet or dry hair.

– Touch up your hair as often as you wish without fear of leaving a cosmetic trace or greasy layers.


Fantastic: The elixir of daily nutrition for hair and skin.


Apply this healing elixir as many times as you want on your hair, use it to touch up your hairstyles, to nourish your skin and hair fiber, to protect and close the hair ends, to mix with your dyes, to give a luxurious bright to your hair and perfume with its exquisite and sensual fragrance (Contains pheromones).


H7 Fantastic is for daily use. It’s applied from the skin to the ends of the hair. Thanks to its transdermal technology it is able to absorb itself in the skin just in seconds.



  • Use it to eliminate frizz permanently.
  • Use it as a base to prepare other repairing treatments (REVIVAL + SUBLIME) and create your own repair cocktails.
  • Use it all the time on your hair doesn’t matter if its dry, wet, clean or dirty,¬† you will enjoy the renewed texture and immediate nutrition in your hair.
  • Apply 3 push to your dyeing or bleaching mixture so that your process does not become aggressive with the skin and hair.
  • Apply it before brushing¬† your hair as it is a thermal protector.
  • Before making your waves and curls, apply H7 Fantastic on the hair, so you nourish, protect, and lengthen the duration of your waves up to 5 days.
  • Apply it on your eyelashes and lips for perfect nutrition as a result of its transdermal technology of regenerative and nutritious active ingredients.