19 Forms of intensive nutrition, immediate hair rejuvenation.

Is a rejuvenation capillary repair system, is a damage wrapper. By using MOLDING once, your hair will look as if it had never been damaged.

When you use MOLDING in your hair is like ifyou had done a year of therapy for capillary restoration. The liposomated actives repair and active the hair growth and as an added value smooth the waves and curls and eliminates frizz according to the technic you use when you are performing the MOLDING protocol.

The final outcome continues despites the everyday routine to clean your hair; you can braid your hair, curl it or tied your hair back in a ponytail since the very first day.

MOLDING does not lighten your hair or gives you the orange effect in your dyed hair, besides you can live free without worries about washing your hair every day, swim in the ocean or in the pool, you wont lose all the benefits you got with the MOLDING process.

You can use MOLDING for all kind of hair, even if is natural or processed hair, because it is consistent with other chemical processes or previous straightening treatments MOLDING has no toxic elements that can affect your hair, airways or skin.

By using MOLDING you dont have to worry about greasy roots or dry ends, just live the experience of a healthy, shiny, strong and straighter hair.